New snail story in Issue 2 of The Saltbush Review

One of the most “me” things I’ve ever written has been published in The Saltbush Review.

My piece ‘A Vagrant Hush of Snails Unfurling’, inspired by Hanley’s river snail, is in Issue 2 of this brilliant South Australian-based publication.

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I entered a flash fiction competition on Twitter

Here are all the ways it went badly.

The prompt “horizon” arrived in my email. The task was to write a story of up to thirty words inspired by and using the prompt, tweet your entry, tag Writers Victoria (@Writers_Vic), and hashtag WVFlashFic22. I’m a nervous overthinking Nivita unsuited to the fast, savvy highway that is Twitter—and usually too busy feeding the chickens—so I don’t tweet (as my bio says). But a good friend of mine was taking the challenge daily, and her diligence put me to shame. I felt I should enter at least once.

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Children’s playscript: ‘Wise Clytie’

Hello, and Happy February. I’m pleased to have a playscript up at Drama Notebook (.com). It’s based on the Greek myth of Clytie, a water nymph who tragically became a sunflower, set to mourn for eternity over unrequited love.

Not in my play.

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A bird

“You’re just an empty cage, girl, if you kill the bird” – Tori Amos

Hold everything. I drew a bird. Or what is loosely a bird; I’m no visual artist. It happened while I waded through January’s liminal space. In the shallows, the bird. A sparrow/phoenix mashup? Here it is, my Frankenbird set free (thank you, Sia):

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‘Poetry and Paintings’: SALA Event

I’m excited to be collaborating with Adelaide artist Priscilla Corbell-Moore for her debut solo exhibition and SALA event: Art for a Cause: Poetry & Paintings. My poems will accompany Priscilla’s paintings. 

Huge thanks to Priscilla for inviting my poetry to form itself around her exquisite paintings. I am in love with these artworks!

The exhibition begins on August 18 at Pilgrim Uniting Church, Flinders Street, Adelaide. Proceeds from sales of Priscilla’s paintings will be donated to support people who are facing homelessness.

Selected author for the 2021 Microflix Writing Awards

What a thrill! My story, Stone Pulpit, is a selected text for the 2021 Microflix Writing Awards. How exciting! There’s a chance a filmmaker might choose this piece for adaptation into a film. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Professor Cassandra Atherton selected the texts—how good is that? I’m also hugely grateful to Microflix and Spineless Wonders for providing this opportunity to writers and filmmakers.

You can read my micro here.