Snake poem and download

Snakes are like rainbows–free download for educators.

My poem Snakes are like rainbows was first published in The School Magazine in April 2003.

At the time, I was a beginning teacher, and I was lying. I hated snakes. But I didn’t want to pass on my fear of one of nature’s creatures, so I challenged myself to think about snakes in a different way.

I was also thinking of my connection to Country—as a white woman living on stolen lands of the Kaurna people. Something I was super aware of, working with Nunga kids at the time.

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‘Poetry and Paintings’: SALA Event

I’m excited to be collaborating with Adelaide artist Priscilla Corbell-Moore for her debut solo exhibition and SALA event: Art for a Cause: Poetry & Paintings. My poems will accompany Priscilla’s paintings. 

Huge thanks to Priscilla for inviting my poetry to form itself around her exquisite paintings. I am in love with these artworks!

The exhibition begins on August 18 at Pilgrim Uniting Church, Flinders Street, Adelaide. Proceeds from sales of Priscilla’s paintings will be donated to support people who are facing homelessness.