I Entered a Flash Fiction Competition on Twitter

Here are all the ways it went badly.

The prompt “horizon” arrived in my email. The task was to write a story of up to thirty words inspired by and using the prompt, tweet your entry, tag Writers Victoria (@Writers_Vic), and hashtag WVFlashFic22. I’m a nervous overthinking Nivita unsuited to the fast, savvy highway that is Twitter—and usually too busy feeding the chickens—so I don’t tweet (as my bio says). But a good friend of mine was taking the challenge daily, and her diligence put me to shame. I felt I should enter at least once.

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A bird

“You’re just an empty cage, girl, if you kill the bird” – Tori Amos

Hold everything. I drew a bird. Or what is loosely a bird; I’m no visual artist. It happened while I waded through January’s liminal space. In the shallows, the bird. A sparrow/phoenix mashup? Here it is, my Frankenbird set free (thank you, Sia):

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