I’m a writer and mother living in Adelaide, South Australia. I sprang from the River Murray town of Renmark, the rightful land of the Naralte people. I still have the red dust of my hometown in my veins and it surfaces, sometimes, in my words.

My writing has been published or is forthcoming in Meniscus, The Saltbush Review, Bracken MagazineBlue Bottle Journal, Pure Slush, and elsewhere. I also write for children.

Photo credit: one of my children

I’ve worked as a barista, television scriptwriter, and mainly as a teacher. Now when I’m not writing, I spend my time assisting with my children’s flourish, in love, talking to birds, and seeking new ways with cacao. You can find me on Instagram @linda_jkohler. I’m also on Twitter @lindajkohler, though I haven’t tweeted since 1985.

Update: I tend not to tweet. Here’s why.


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