Poetry after art

My poem ‘Us, in Element’, inspired by my love nest and the art of Joan Miró, appears in Deakin University’s WORDLY Online today.* Here’s the LINK if you’d like to read it.

I wrote this poem pre-pandemic. I was particularly inspired by pieces from Miró’s Constellations’, a series of 23 Surrealist paintings, which I’ve just learned evolved during a time of tumult and war. Of course, unbeknown when I wrote my frivolous poem, tumult and utter surrealism were about to emerge globally again.

It’s funny how circles like drawing themselves.

So the consensus is the world is bizarrely off its dot at this time. Freakish beyond belief: Danger. Discord. War. Carelessness. Greed. You know, all the never-seen-before things. (Sad wink.) They’re urgent and amplified now — ergo, for many of us, so are the stars warping above, the constellations on canvas and sparkling matter in poems. Our varying daily wands against the damage, I guess.

Nothing much going on in my nook today* except the warps of winter. / Love in my bones (ref: my poem). A couple of birds hanging upside down in the yard. Some bare branches, carrying glitter and some clouds vying for kooky shapes, vamoosing the “usual” violence.


Thanks so much for giving my poetry a space, Team WORDLY.

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